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Owner/Personal Trainer/Group Trainer

0400 197 942

My approach to fitness is “LIFE BALANCE”.

To encourage and motivate.

To enjoy a fit, fun and healthy lifestyle.

I have worked in the fitness industry for 10 years. Both in and outdoor. From managing a gym to building my clientele P.T. business, to stepping out on my own. Each step growing my clientele and business bigger and bigger, to now where I get to work side by side with my partner running our own gym.

My loyal clientele have followed me every step of the way and have become my friends and my family.

I have the knowledge and flexibility in my training style to train each client differently to suit their individual needs.

I train young to old, male and female, beginners to advance.

I alter my skills, ideas and exercises to suit.

I am self motivated in my own training, altering from cardio, plyometric to weights/strength work.

I have a background in Muay Thai, which I have trained in for 9 years and competed in 12 amateur fights.

I enjoy a challenge and set my self goals and push myself to achieve them.

I am positive, encouraging and enjoy helping others achieve their goals.

I am lucky that everyday I get to do what I love.





I was forced into a career change due to a serious construction accident that left me temporarily paralysed from the neck down. My faith in God helped me maintain a positive perspective on life and to view the accident as a blessing in disguise, as I have finally found my true calling.

Being informed I will never regain 100% full function of my body, has left me determined  to achieve the unachievable.

Join me on my journey to not only rebuild my body and mind, but also help others build theirs.

God bless.

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